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Thank you for considering a donation to DRIVE WE SAID Click the button to be taken to the PayPal website PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! Drive We SaidThank you for considering a donation to drivewesaid.com. While our hosting is very low cost, it is not free. Having a source of funds, a "war chest" if you will, expands our options and our technical capabilities, and ensures our continued survival. Drive We Said is an entirely self-supporting community. We keep our overhead and costs low, but we have fixed costs that must be met every month, primarily our hosting fee and DNS server. There is no fee to use the service provided here, and donating to the operational costs is always appreciated, but always voluntary.

We serve over 1,000,000 unique pages a month, and our user-base comprises nearly 5,000 individuals, with 400 unique posters & readers every day. And we are always growing.

To donate, the easiest way is to use the PayPal donation button provided. If you prefer to send a paper check or money order, please email the management team , and we will send you a snail-mail address. Please specify whether you prefer a US or Canadian address.

While we do not make a profit from Drive We Said, donations are not tax deductible, since we are not a non-profit entity.

If you would like to donate to the Krewe of Gratia, the appropriate PayPal address is krewefinances@gmail.com .

Sincerely, The Management of drivewesaid.com

Click the button to be taken to the PayPal website

Terms of Donation Donations made to drivewesaid.com are made without any special consideration to the contributor in return, and become the sole property of drivewesaid.com, to be used wholly at the management's discretion. Any monies above and beyond the monthly operating costs can and will be used for purposes such as, but not limited to, new hosting, new technologies, etc.

Current Costs Current hosting costs will be disclosed to the community on a regular basis, as well as current payment outlays.


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