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March, 2007:

Drive We Said Community Standards

Note: you can contact the management team at teamdws@gmail.com.

Drive We Said is an online community developed to allow free exchange of ideas in an environment of mutual respect and honesty. As in any community there exists within Drive We Said several different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own feel and rhythm. Many of us have known each other for months and years in various forums and we have developed community standards, often not formally written but based on long term conversations and an understanding of a social contract among friends.

As in the world in general, newcomers are welcome but they must be aware of the social contract and the standards of the community they are entering. Every one is encouraged to sample the great diversity of thought found here in Drive We Said. But should you choose to join us you are encouraged and expected to understand and abide with the standards of the various diverse communities you choose to join.

Disagreement is expected and encouraged for we understand that the only way to truly understand your own beliefs is to have them challenged and for you to defend them forthrightly. However it is expected that any disagreements be maintained within the standards of the community. Our guiding principles are TWIT, SCROLL, and DON'T BE A DICK. Threads that have devolved into brawls may be temporarily locked at the Board's discretion.

While Drive We Said is generally an open community it can also be understood to be a controlled access community when the need arises. If you act like a dick and don't knock it off, you will be contacted by one of our Board members. Should individuals routinely violate the community standards they can be asked to leave for either a short cooling off period or even permanently. No one individual has the authority to ban a member of Drive We Said. Any decision to ban an individual from Drive We Said will be based on an investigation of the behavior in question, a report to the Board of Drive We Said and a final decision by the Board.

Should any individual engage in behavior that violates community standards a notification should be made to dwsombudscritter@gmail.com (or to any current Board member) listing the thread and issue. An investigation will be started and the results of the investigation will be communicated to the Board for a final decision. Should the offending party's behavior be deemed egregious by the Board, the offending party may have his/her access suspended by the Board pending the results of an investigation. The member making the complaint will be notified of the Board decision as will the member being investigated. Some behaviors will result in immediate loss of posting privilege and, if substantiated, a permanent ban. These behaviors include:

  • Stalking (either on line or in the world at large)
  • Physical threats
  • Spamming
  • Any online behavior that is illegal in the United States or Canada including but not limited to identity theft, fraud, conspiracy or the sexual exploitation of minors.

Should circumstances warrant, local law enforcement authorities will be provided with information about suspected criminal activity.

Posting at Drive We Said is a privilege, not a right.

General inquiries may be directed to teamdws@gmail.com.


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